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It’s been a while :3

by HauntedDoritos

I’ve always thought of this place as a place for people who are diagnosed. I guess that’s why I never felt like I should write here. Now I’m pretty sure I need some kind of help because I saw that I actually have written entries here.

Schoolwork overwhelms me + Im @ my parents

Started abusing some meds that lay round at my house, e.g. zolpidem, which is horrible, I’m just wobbling round the house all day. Wish I could find somewhere more xanny but I popped them all. All of this is probably because of the ecstasy I took like 3-4 weeks ago (1st time doing them). They were the shit. So now I can’t bear being straight and steal random old pills lol rip

Anyways, there’s always this chronic feeling of “I cant really enjoy things that much”. How do you battle that? Games dont work, music too. I can get into someting for some time, but, eventually, that “passion” goes down anyway.

The problem is that I’m functional. I can do stuff for school well and shit, I can – get up in the morning

Idk I’m growing tired so Ill stop here, c ya round……..


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DOA 4/7/2020 - 4:42 pm

you really shouldnt be doing drugs. i found out the hard way that it doesnt really help anything and only actually makes the whole situation worse. just a different kind of worse i found. i wasnt thinking about suicide but it definitely came with its own problems

HauntedDoritos 4/8/2020 - 5:11 pm

Thanks for the comment :^)
I know you’re right, I just sometimes “relapse”, tho’ I’m pretty capable from restrainig from taking substances, generally speaking

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