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I want to Marry, but I want to Live with her

by Yikrens

Didn’t believed that escape would be happening alone. To Germany. A women visited me, she astonished me. I had been under self-medication to not leave her ablaze, to not cause Fear, Confusion or Communication Problems.

She left early. My thoughts right away been, that I need to be with her.

I  have requested the Adress. She, Isolated herself.

I am coming for her. I fear that her Dad is sending me away.

I want to Life, and she is worth that. I want to Love, but this feeling, this requirement is new to me.

But, I can kill myself too, if I can not see her again.

If she isn’t real to me, if I can not life with her.

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Yikrens 5/13/2020 - 8:03 am

She is the Silence I ever wished to Life by, and the Clarity in Language that I never received from anyone.
She has the Sparkle in her Eyes that makes me colourblind.
I can’t encounter her alike someone else, I have elevated feelings of respect towards her.
She is just my Age, 23. She makes me want Life again.

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