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I’ll try set the date

by Itscolourlife

Today my sis told me
If you want to die dont eat that pills, drink rat poison, you are gonna die 100%
My sis is a doctor so I believe its true
Thank you for telling me another choice

I guess I should set the date asap
Mom always call me satan child
Dad always look at me like im a failure
Sis always jealous of me and telling me in the problem

So far mom and sis are agree with the idea of me death
Mom told me “if you wanna die go to the train”
Sis told me “if you wanna die drink rat poison”
Dad didnt told me yet

It hurts when ppl you love said that to you
It hurts
But thats okay
I think positive, they are ready


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no name 5/14/2020 - 2:54 pm

neither of those are very good options. before you try suicide why dont you remove the toxic people from your life first

Sbilko 5/15/2020 - 3:59 am

Please don’t; that 2 close family members don’t want you doesn’t mean that nobody wants you, some people’s moms and sisters can be horrible people. I have no sister, and my mother is bad too. Yet I don’t let it stop me! I just want to move out. You can do the same as I will.

Itscolourlife 6/30/2020 - 7:06 am

But im afraid to move out, im a scaredy loser. All this time i only know how to live like what my parents told me. And idk what to do now.. all this time i just try to be a good kid doing good things like they want to and when my world start to fall.. i cant stay in that parents dream world anymore. Im useless and dont know what to do

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