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seems appropriate

by thehusk

I think back to when
Life was good, I was content
But it’s been so many years
I can’t remember how it feels
I reach for me, but I’m not there
It’s so lonely, but who cares
It’s fine, it’s okay
I’ll die anyway
I reach for me, but I’m not there
I always wonder why I’m here
It’s fine, it’s okay
I’ll die anyway
I guess I could say
I’ve learned to live this way
But it’s still hard to find
Reasons to stay alive
Accepting I’m pointless
Isn’t the hardest
When it’s so
Completely obvious
My questions are countless
Looking for answers
So far I’m clueless
Go back to sleep

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Once 6/7/2020 - 11:11 am

” I reach for me but I’m not there.” Sort of sums it up. “Go back to sleep.” I often wonder where “we” are when we sleep. Our consciousness, I mean. Why isn’t it active and functioning and processing the same way it is outside of sleep…where are all the troubles and concerns and questions, during sleep. I can’t help but lean towards the hope that death is like sleep…it’s quiet, it’s unaware-ness. Poignant lyrics.

thehusk 6/7/2020 - 1:30 pm

Yes, I suppose most of that time ‘we’ are nowhere – we don’t exist. Without the awareness of sensation or thought, there is no we. The parts of the brain that generate those experiences go into ‘standby mode’. In which case death should be like a dreamless sleep – ie not like anything, without any experience or being. But obviously none of us knows.

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