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the grass is always greener…

by Abandoned

is it really though?


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vagabond 6/21/2020 - 5:43 am

I think this phrase means that the grass always appears greener, but other people always have problems of their own that we don’t know about. Is that what you mean? Because I don’t believe it’s so.

To quote a Nirvana song,

“I love you for what I am not
I did not want what I have got

What is wrong with me?
What is wrong with me?
What is what I need?
What do I think I think?”

From what I gather the message of that song is that consumerism teaches us all to not appreciate what we have and instead wish to be something/someone else…

I guess the point is that the best thing you can do for society or yourself is be yourself. I think a lot of people reject the roles that have been given to them because the path set out for them appears too difficult. Another way to say this is that instead of recognizing the gifts that they have, people get angry and find it absurd that other people don’t possess the same perspicuity that they possess in given areas, instead getting impatient and squandering their gifts as opposed to gritting their teeth and showing people the way… It’s kind of like that quote, those who do battle with monsters must be wary lest they themselves become monsters… Or better yet, becoming a monster takes away from the pain of being a man. Wish I could explain that better but I’m getting really tired.

vagabond 6/21/2020 - 5:54 am

I think what I’m saying is when you’re attune to everyone’s suffering like people here are, you either channel it or you BECOME that suffering e.g. either you process it or internalize it.

And I think the reason we don’t want to be who we’re supposed to be is because we reject the overwhelming task of processing all that suffering in our own way, and that’s why the grass is always greener.

It’s like that Khalil Gibran quote I shared here: “Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.”

But people just don’t have anything to keep us tethered in this fast paced world, and it’s difficult to stay grounded when you’ve suffered immensely.

Don’t know how to end this comment. Getting pretty tired here.

WitheringHope 6/21/2020 - 9:16 am

I always assumed this phrase was implying that no matter what experiences we have, we will always desire a new experience. As much as we all like to pretend we “hate” and fear change, we also crave it. This phrase can mean so many different things and I think vagabond touched on a lot of them I agree with.

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