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by Todamnbad

Currently homeless, my pos gf had her pos mom call the cops on me. I got court Oct 6 for domestic. I forgiven her 3 times for getting in trouble. Should of left the first time. Im fighting everyday to live and not having to struggle but i have too. Been wearing the sames clothes for like 4 days now. I have family i can visit but cant stay. I have a job orientation Tuesday to get myself out of this mess. You cant trust anybody. Get tf out of that toxic relationship even if you love them. Theyre gonna f you over and maybe give you a criminal record like they did. Only trust yourself. You only know whats best for you. Get rid of all the toxicity. Im tryna make it off the streets with a bunch of misdemeanors. Life is a challenge but be a survivor, not a victim. That victim mindset will cripple your mind and spirit and even your body. Because its all connected

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Her0Reb313 9/25/2020 - 5:41 am

Good to see you’re still thinking sensibly. Keep your head up out there and do what you gotta do to make it. Just keep up your image (Shower, clean clothes, smile) and i’m sure your orientation will go down alright. Take advantage of but be humble with peoples generosity. These are things i’m sure you know already, but i’m just throwing it out there. Anyone can make it from the streets if they want to. You have a crutch since you have fam that will take you in for a lilbit so you can atleast wash up, hydrate, chill for a minute before you have to figure out your next move.

Good to see you’re still telling others to keep their head up too. That’s strength right there.

As far as court goes.. You’re just gonna have to bite your tongue n tough it out. Hopefully whoever represents you can score you a decent deal because women win most of these things.. just thinking honestly, bro. Be ready for the worst. You might even have to sit some days but that’s no big thang. A couple hot meals a day and a square to call your own until the day comes and then you’re in the hands of the streets until you get up on your feet.

Keep us updated.

Be strong, bro!

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