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The Ocean

by rayiueo

it’s like drowning in the ocean,
the deeper you drown,
the harder it gets to breathe,
the darker it gets to see,
the colder the water gets,
your body becomes numb,
you can no longer swim.
no matter how hard you scream,
nobody can hear you,
nobody can see you.
no matter how hard you fight the wave,
you’re too deep in the ocean,
and in the end
you get tired of trying and fighting,
you give up,
you’re all alone.

it’s frightening how calm
and peaceful it may seem from the surface,
but deadly at the same time,
because no one can tell
what’s deep within it from the surface.

it hurts.
it kills.
it’s okay,
to be not as strong as you thought.
it’s okay,
to be not as strong as you were.

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1 comment

Yoges 12/18/2020 - 2:47 pm

It’s so raw I can feel the weight of black ocean crushing and suffocating me. I want to draw something on this theme.

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