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People suck

by OldCow

What kind of a person prides himself on never shedding a tear or really ever caring when their mother or father dies? This is the asshole I am married to.  His dad was a nice guy. He died yesterday and he just shrugged it off as if he deserved to die for believing in the wrong religion.  He suffered with COVID and then Pneumonia for three weeks and died struggling to take a breath.

My husband is a selfish person who believes he is smarter and better than everyone else.  He enjoys making everyone’s live just as miserable as possible.  He is one of many reasons that I want my life over.   He is just such a horrible person.  I really wonder what I did to deserve this.


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ElixirUK 1/18/2021 - 8:08 pm

Maybe consider changing your marriage parameters (including divorce), or speaking with your husband, instead of thinking that bailing out on life is the only or best option?

Some people have innate sociopathy, developmental disorders such as autism, or other learned disorders that include a reduced empathy for others. Depression or other trauma can also result in that.

I am not excusing shitty behaviour, it’s just that there might be more going on for your husband than either of you realise.

I am not opposed to rational suicide, assisted suicide, or euthanasia, but I do encourage people to think about things first.

Maybe there are also things going on for you that you don’t realise?

Take care of yourself, try to be strong, and do what you think is right for your life or end of life.

eternaldarkness 1/19/2021 - 7:13 pm

Can you leave him? If not divorce, then separation, or just moving out? Sounds like you not having to be near him would improve your depression by loads.

postal 1/30/2021 - 4:27 am

um no she can’t just divorce – she’s so stuck with the Bxstard that she’s on here!

I’m sorry, hun x>

fxd45tsp 1/21/2021 - 5:44 pm

Went through a divorce myself. The reason were different than yours (she wanted kids and I did not). Even though we agreed upon an uncontested divorce, it hurt like hell emotionally. And still hurts today (it has been 9 years), albeit not as much.

But seems to me that a divorce might improve your current situation (or at least getting away). Not obvious at first but it will get better. Divorce is always preferable than 2 people staying together “just ’cause”, especially if they have no respect for each other. It would just go downhill from there.

If you go the divorce route, it takes planning and preparation so you do not get screwed. Some of my colleagues had divorces that went sideways in a flash. 12000$ lawyer fees is no laughing matters (and still ongoing). But that will depend on how your partner will react at the news.

As for what you did to deserve this, I do not think you did anything wrong. You just happened to meet him by coincidence.

postal 1/30/2021 - 4:25 am

Well? slap the big b1tch!

postal 1/30/2021 - 4:29 am

bet- more than ten times you carried groceries in and there his stupid ass was, sitting in front of the TV! Back of his head and all!

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