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it shouldn’t be this difficult.  to get up, to function, to eat, to shower, to wash my face, to clean, to work.  it shouldn’t be this difficult.  I feel like I continue to hit a wall, attempt to stand back up, and immediately run back into it at full speed.  withdrawal isn’t helping.  the memory gaps continue to worsen.  i barely remember what i did this week.  the nightmares have been getting worse.  you know what’s my fucking favorite?  having a nightmare about abuse, waking up in the morning and thinking it’s over, go to bed that night only for the fucking nightmare to CONTINUE WHERE IT LEFT OFF.  it makes it feel more real and I fucking hate it.  it’s like my brain is trying to conjure up a nightmare bad enough to traumatize itself.

i fucking hate parasomnia.

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blue_dude15 2/27/2021 - 12:57 am

That really sucks.

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