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by thedevilisclose


admin i just thought id bring this to your attention and i thought i would make my own post to ensure that if it gets deleted i will know that you deleted it only proving that youre only covering for this troll.


they find it funny that they could have lead to someones death. they make a point about them posting afterwards like that means that what this person said to them didnt fester and get worse. just because someone doesnt commit suicide right away doesnt mean anything. this person also makes fun of a persons disorders and admin i promise you if this continues and this member and all of their accounts are not banned this site will be removed.

this has been going on to months and for all we know has lead to someones death. admin you are being highly irresponsible and if you cant handle suicidal people should just close the site because if youre allowing this its only going to lead to more deaths that YOU could have prevented.


btw i also have a screenshot of this in case you do delete it.

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