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loss (rest easy, jack)

by system

this morning, i was informed that an old acquaintance from middle school was found unresponsive.  unresponsive as in lifeless.  dead.  to me, that sounds like an OD (purposeful or not, i’m not sure).  i hadn’t spoken to him since 2018, because he graduated junior high and i was still a grade behind him.  it’s a really horrible feeling? being eaten away by shock but being physically unable to cry.  i wasn’t extremely close to him, i didn’t have his phone number or anything like that, but it still hurts.  he always wanted to make people laugh, a class clown by choice.  i’m struggling to register the fact that he’s dead.  it doesn’t feel real.  i wasn’t close enough to him for this to be devastating to me, but i’m really heartbroken about it.  he was about to graduate.  nobody ever had anything bad to say about him.  he always lit up a room with his presence, he always had so much energy.

rest easy, jack.  i hope your departure was painless.


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Once 3/21/2021 - 1:20 am

It’s always a shock to experience this. It is a real eye opener, even when you’re not that close.

system 3/21/2021 - 1:27 am

it’s my first experience with losing a friend. I’ve only lost family members or family friends that were close enough to be considered family.

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