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I want to sleep

by unconstructedlad

I only get these thoughts and I keep them to myself. I always have since my last attempt ruined me. I just wish life was easier, I have a loving partner currently after leaving a toxic ex. I am productive, I help my family, I care for them and do my best. But everything feels so burdensome. Even when I’m with the love of my life, I feel exhausted, I want to run away. I often feel like I am being forced into a role I don’t belong. And it’s one I can not escape.

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ThouShallSee 4/21/2021 - 5:27 am

Same wth me but each situations are different. I felt like i was Being controlled in a way. Like if your not doing this then whats the point. Like foreal? How come people think doing everything like everyone else is normal. Im a bit skeptical person about life. Like i open up but don’t get the same result. That why i just stop because i know that people talk to you just to talk about you.. which is sad and disappointing. It is what it is tho. Sincerely Hope all goes well with your situation.

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