April 9th, 2009 by helper

I have a big problem telling fantasy from reality. And no i don’t there are like fairy puff princesses everywhere. i just had a really horrible friend that she ended up using me, and so it was fake but all the while i thought we were truly friends. That was one of many things that has lead me into deep depression, i cut, burn, and think about killing myself… there’s a lot more to the story, but i cannot go there, because i cannot come to terms with the past… i am fifteen the only boyfriend i have ever had dumped me because it was damaging his ego.. i know drop him right? well heres the thing, he helped like cure my depression for like a couple of months. To go off on another subject i have to read like texts several times otherwise i think that they are fake, or didn’t happen. I see a therapist, she told me it was ok to harm myself, and she twist’s everything i say to sound like something else. I want help or i wouldn’t be on this site… i just don’t really know where to look anymore, because i cut it off with that guy, today.. well yesterday i guess now… i don’t really have friends i have one cousin i lean on, but i feel bad going to him every night, sad, depressed and in need of saving. So yeah… killing myself seems like a good option.. as i said previously there’s a lot more to it, but thats all i can say right now.

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