Suicide young prefromers

  July 2nd, 2009 by darkgermandeath

 The very first time i had ever cut  my self on purpose was when i was 11 with a shaving razzor I saw my sister that was visiting from Tennessee kissing my nieghbor and i dont know why I felt even that young that cheating on someone was and is wrong but i remembered my brother telling me something about cutting helps some times so i grabed my dads shaving razzor and broke it apart and started cutting downward pretty deep it stang for a while and kept stinging for days but after i thought about it in some way it did help so i kept doing it.People ask me how can it help i tell them it bleeds out the bad pain i have inside me.I saw a guy on tv that said that he was not upset that he was burned so bad but that he could not describe how it felt to be burn for so long.I thought how could you not describe it so i found my brother’s lighter and lit it for a while like 15 min’s i thought it was going to run out of gas then i held it on my arm tell it stoped burning when i pulled it off so did some skin it was all bubblely and nasty bloody.I would describe it as refreshing it may sound wierd but it truely was im going to take some photo’s so if you email me i’ll show anyone who wants to see just ask my email is

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