Still Alive…..need a reason why?

  November 11th, 2009 by on the verge



I am here because I am an attempte,  I am currently in remission from severe depression& (hypomania&), PSTD, and am working very hard on keeping on top of life without the help of pharmaceuticals. My goal is to learn to live with Bipolar Disorder and not only survive the traumas that have happened in my life but excel, and be the best I can be, and help others achieve there ideal self-actualization. I am working towards my goals of being a Psychologist, Author and Artist.  If anyone is interested I can post more about what I have been though to give you more of a biography, and sense that I am REAL. I am here. And in this dark world of cyberspace I am not just letters on a screen.  Because we need each others help.


I am currently working on a project about suicide. And I am looking for people willing to help me by sharing there stories, voices, and thoughts.


Many people try to understand what is behind the action of committing suicide.

Over a million people commit suicide annually, in my province more people die each year via there own hands then any thing else. All these people leave behind friends, family, peers, co-workers who are not only grief stricken but confused, as to why.


There are several theories to why a person would commit suicide, the Biological, the Psycho social, there are demographics that state who is more likely to commit suicide, but no one knows in a case by case basis what is happening and what happened. Many of the diseased don’t leave behind notes of reason, or answers to some of the most important questions.


I my self only know my story, my reasons. But I want to change this.

Don’t you want to change this?


Would you like to be understood?

Would you like your voice to be herd?

Would you like to help break the stigma attached to suicide;

“ That its only for ‘week people, and attempts are only for attention’, that ‘ It’s the easy way out’.”


I would like to hear from people who have seriously attempted, and lucky for them and for us and the rest of the world they can speak up about it.

If you are interested in answering some of my interview questions, sending an audio response or a video response. Please email me;

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