Jan 17, 1991 poem

  May 7th, 2010 by Tika

I take this chance to tell you all things real
These things tend to take over when it’s all that you feel.
Deep down inside
It hurts to my soul
But before it’s too late
It seems you must know.
These selfish lies,
Convincing me they are true,
Only make me leery of every believing you.
All this heartless lying,
Insisting you are true,
None of it is real,
Only now
I see through you.
If you love me so
It’s best not to lie.
If it’s habit you must break,
Then harder you should try.
I know you say you love me,
And know I love you, too,
But if it’s me you want…
I wouldn’t lie if I were you.

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