Blowing off steam

  August 29th, 2011 by man332


I am a 35 yrs old. I have been visiting this site on and off a while. I have been fighting with depression for a very long time. I felt so shit today that I just had to write down my feelings. I am sure that they are no new news for the most of you, but here they are

How I feel:
• I have been depressed for such a long time that I can not remember how it feels like not to be.
• I cant remember how it feels like to be happy and optimistic
• Everyday there is like a cloud hanging over my head
• My mind feels hazy and dull
• I am constantly aware of something inside me that is dragging me down
• I have no friends
• The more I try to make friends the more I seem to muck it up
• My words always comes out the wrong way
• I loose track of time
• I forget a lot
• Struggle to remember names and information
• I am tired a lot
• I constantly think about suicide
• I constantly feel guilty to think about suicide

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