Ugh Yasmine… <3 or </3

  August 23rd, 2011 by RogueShadow1281

Today I feel like choking out. Do you know why? I started remembering intense feelings for my cousin Yasmine and I need to choke to suppress the thoughts. Maybe I’m looking for love, but it doesn’t help that I’m lonesome, close to insane (or so I think I am), and crazy for my cousin (blood of course it wouldn’t be weird with step cousins)… I am Facebook stalking her, staring at pictures and saving the pics onto my iPhone. At least I’m not thinking sexually or anything anymore… Fuck I hate myself so much. Should just die. Hope choking out will kill me or something. Make me do irrational things and get myself killed so I dont have to live anymore. Pleasure is hard to come by, so a lot of expectations go as low as falling in love with family (maybe even rape)

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