my lif

  September 22nd, 2011 by gdimas

Well i HATE my life!! So many reasons! 1st Nobody likes me at school…and i get TREATED like CRAP! i Have like no friends and people just talk shit to me and my face!! Im so tired of it! Then at home its another thing i argue with my parents alot and with everyone… theres noone i can talk to about my problems because it just doesn work out! I HATE MY LIFE!! i already tried to commit suicide soo many times and i’ve cut my selft a lot and i just got my arms coverd with cuts. and No one know I do this stuff…I get bullied, told, get in fights, people say things to my face I cant be with anyone because they’ll think im wierd or something!!! I JUST HATE MY life… im sad lonely and angry all the time! i Dont eat at school and hardly anything just because i cant! IM alwasys thnking about suicide and death ALL THE TIME! I m not myselft anymore and ive changed i DONT like to do anything anymore and im sad and mad most of the time seriously…. Every where I go its like WTF!? i DOnt know what do anymore MY LIFES all ruined and I HATE MY LIFE!!

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