I found the bullet.

  October 14th, 2011 by brokensmile

This is a poem I found online a while back… and I edited to fit. I am not sure of the author.


“A gun shot rang out in the afternoon hours of May 12, 2010… where there was no one to hear or at least, acknowledge.

But that bullet ended the day and began… the long sleep of my father, my best friend.

I tried to find a note, I tried to find the bullet, I looked and looked. I thought it was important to find something, anything… And then one day I realized that I had found the bullet, it was lodged in my heart.

This bullet can not be removed, least I bleed to death. I feel that it might be there for ever. It has separated my heart into two.


I now have two hearts:


One is filled with grief, sorrow, despair, fear and great sadness.

The other one is filled with joy, hope, faith, love, fond memories and the will to survive.

These two hearts are striving to live in unison, sometimes one beats louder and harder than the other, trying to balance the other out…


My hope is that some day they will again beat as one.

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