please pray for me that i dont commit

  November 26th, 2011 by wearepennstate

This summer my dad was supposed to move out and everything was supposed to be normal. Notice how i keep saying supposed ? yeahh well things change or else thats what my dad did, somehow he changed my moms mind about moving out. so now im still stuck in this hell whole. Im a depress 16 year old trying to manage highschool and my life. My dad said he would change and what do you know hes still an alcoholic who loves his beer or vodka more then his own family. typical? yeah  i guess it is but to whoever is reading this, you ever get a bad grade or grades from lack of studying or you have something running through ur mind or just wanna relax.? yeah well because its hard for me to study at this house and i dont get my license till another 6 months its very hard for me to try and concentrate with all of this fighting. So what triggered his last action was because i got a 73 in biology. i seriously hate any kind of science and im never gunna be good at it. last summer i had to go to summer school for some shitty online science course at my school and i only needed a point to pass. not my fault my teacher sucked, but anywho my dad got my report card in the mail and went nuts. i had one bad grade and the rest were in the high 90s. he texted me with a threatening text and then waited till i left to go to my aunts and went in my room and my sister yelled hey get out of there and he replied back “shut the fuck up, ill do whatever i want, how bout you go eat a cupcake. oh wait you already had 3 you lazy fat peice of shit”. (btw my sister always thinks shes fat when shes not, shes thin as a board) but she called me and my mom turned around came to get her. so we get home and my mom is screaming at him yanno the ush and we leave. so we were at my aunts for a good 6 hours and come home to a quiet house with my moms light on thinking hes up there. i walk in my room and notice that my flat screen tv, computer charger, and cell phone charger all gone. so we go down stairs and bang on his door while hes calling us all these names.. NOBODY UNDERSTANDS WHAT ITS LIKE TO LIVE IN THIS HOUSE LIKE SERIOUSLY PLEASE PRAY TO GOD FOR ME THAT ONE DAY HE WILL JUST DROP DEAD. ohh and i forgot not theres a big whole in my wall because i kicked it from being so pissed and it caved in. now everynight i cry myself to sleep and have to lock my door. SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE.

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