For my Mother.

  December 10th, 2011 by ei8ht93

It is the moon that haunts me.
Watching me from above
It stares and beckons
Full and Red.
My joy taken
With the waning of the wilted beast.

Mind is turned against me in Mutiny.
Preservation; no longer a concern
Until I realise
It never was.
I’m scared of what I’ve become
And for those who may follow.

Apologies have no place here.
For I will never be able to ask your forgiveness.

All I have left
All I ever was
Is your unconditional love.
I am so grateful you gave me life
And made it Beautiful.

But I am not there anymore.

It is terribly sad.
Everyday, I die and am reborn.
Everyday but tomorrow.

I will miss you so much
But await our reunion patiently
With hope
And the eternal promise:

A mother’s love,
A son’s love…
Is Forever.

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