Anyone else just tired of living?

March 27th, 2012by AbnormalPsyche

What’s there left to it? Or shall I say – what did it have in the first place? It seems as though we’ve  instantly been  preconditioned into thinking that life is a “gift” and should be cherished wholeheartedly. Well, you can take this garbage gift and get your refund, ’cause I don’t want it anymore, and never have wanted it. There is nothing “beautiful” or “magnificent” about “life” – I’ve seen more spontaneous things in the toilet bowl. What’s the point of carrying out what’s already been planned? Go to school, work, marry, have children, retire, die. We’re supposed to be satisfied by what exactly – the bills and the taxes? The threat of being jailed if doing otherwise? Please.  This is what “living” is supposed to be? I’ll take Death for 500, please. Anything to get off of this worthless planet, and away from all this mistake called humanity.

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