Normal day

  May 8th, 2012 by shockwave

Hey So i started cutting since the last time i posted here.. The day after that 2 of my kinda friends saw the cuts.. For a day or so katie H was concerned then she forgot afterwards.. Nearly got caught couple of times when i had my sleves up and have gotting away with it, the cuts are fading now but have to get togged out tomorrow for p.e so hope nobody notices the cuts, Might’nt bother doing p.e have a cough anyway, can use that as an excuse..
Anyway We and only good friend kJ became friends again but don’t think we are as good of friends as we used to be..
Anyway just a normal day for me struggling by just because of my family.. Don’t wanna hurt them, The same shit i talk every time i post here
Wanna be dead -_-

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