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girls and wolfs

by why i dont no

3 loves lost and im going on

3 times  blown away by hating eye

cos girls thay travel in packs like wolves

and like wolves that snap at all that come nere

and unless some one can magically here

the sownd of braking hearts

and a boy is dumpt not just byu the girl but by the pack

dont get me wong im not puting a wole sex down

cos nice girls travel alone

thay set them selfs aside

from all nere by

ter for not picking up the ill tids

of hatrid and crultey

gosip and banter

are some of the simtoms to date

but its all a liy of smies as a nice boy gos biy

so dont fall for the smiles

dont lisoion to the liys

and to all the nice girls out ther

carey on blushing at cind words

carey on being shiy

1 more thing befor i go….

save our fucking lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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