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Me vs. The World

by onlylonely

I had a whole long thing written here about how being an introvert sucks and having what I guess you could call social anxiety has turned me into a social pariah, but it didn’t exactly flow well because I just sort of dumped all of my thoughts onto the page, so I deleted it. Anyway, looks like I wasted another half hour and I still have a lot of homework to finish for tomorrow. Well, technically it’s now due later today. I guess I won’t be getting much, if any, sleep tonight. Life is a *****.

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embargo 5/23/2013 - 1:06 am

I do that a lot lol.. Type several pages then realize it sounds incoherent and like I’m rambling, then think eff it and delete it. I reply because I’m the same.. introvert/social pariah.. I moved into a new apartment a few years ago and just recently met some of my neighbours for the first time. They are confident I’m mistaken and must have moved in a month ago. They say I can’t possibly have been here for a few years.. hilarious, to me.

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