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my death day routine

by iwilldie2nitey

the last time i will see the sun come up as i wake

the last time i will look in my closet for what to wear

the last time i kiss my mother goodbye on the way to school

the last time i walk the halls of the murders that killed my confidence

the last time i wave goodbye to my best friend as im getting off the bus

the last time i will greet my younger brothers home from school

the last time i will help with dinner and dishes

the last time i call my dad to tell him i love him

i now dress in my finest clothes

i get the pills ready by my bedside

ive been planning for months maybe years… the perfect death

i take all the pills from the bottle

i slowly close my eyes and  take a deep breath the last breath i will ever take

i think of what it will feel like when i lay here dying

i feel it like a slow warm current flooding over my whole body

im fading away

im gone.


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