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Patience Asylum, From Sanity to Madness’

by HwdDog

Please I ask of thee, but listen to me and tell me ,if Iam mad. Life around us is in toil and pain ,sleep is short. Leaving me alone, to pounder the ifs and what’s ,where and why. when is my mine ever  going to see peace in my waking day . Was I born this way? to walk amuck the stranger an imperfect human. Mocking my way, and wondering. who is that strange person.  Nor do I look and ask the same, from my point of view. Long Days and Nights have past.  has it gone ,what is it that I am supposed to do. Do I become richer, do I lose my way ,and bring harm upon myself or others. What purpose do I server.? but to breath and eat and what ?   Imagine  once , of a thing, do it.

Or become a drone in the system and walk amuck the living dead. Up at 6 ,work by 9 lunch at 1 and home by 6.trained to the wheel. Alone in a crowd , with everyone else so broken we have nothing else.  So, break the wheel ,and walk where no others have been before.  Go to where the world has no power over you.  be at peace, to rest to the egde of death its self ? is that the way. Can it be so simple?. The world is gone. Free from the wheel and its task upon you. Peace, but retreat ,wait ,the world need me. I need them. From nothing comes nothing. Ive been trained ,I can’t stop I can’t break free. I am caught in the wheel never to escape.  Back to living, is that it? Is that what you call it? The years of back breaking work an your only offer a week or two of vacation to do what?  Oh ,ok than its  Monday your up at 6 an still chained to the wheel. Then you remember,  Who you are ,but what am I to do, today? Bye Friday night our mine is in full function mood, than you starts to feel panic sitting in and your days of the wheel are coming closer to you .  Sunday comes and your ready for anything, and Monday 6 o’clock and your back. Yes back to Boredom. Putting on your drone face and setting about your work. Always the same, thing  becoming the same. People asking. Will how was it? In a look of surprise you reply. Nothing big? Oh, ok.

If I where rich what a story I could tell, but poor and middle class Oh. Well, Than let your imagination run with your soul ,let life give you a hand ,and explore. Living. But that’s a dream isn’t it . At night I cling to the covers of my bed waiting for it to happen. And then I am gone, for an instant, there in the darkness is peace. No more wheels, no more chains, no more problems.  A place called heaven, free from the issue of the day. Free from the responsibility of life. Peace. Then with a shock the bell rings and your torn away from it. Forced to obey the rules an play the social games one plays. Who’s is on First, what’s on second, and where is at third.  So where is my place?  Sociaty has placed me hear  high in the hills ,overlooking the village. With many people who think the same as I think.  Is it a hospital, Is it a retirement home, Is it pension. Time stops, hear. Drugs and wandering in between this world and the next, searching for only one place we all long for. A place where there is no fear or pain, a place where there are no temptation to live in life. But to have a life and live for it.  Freedom  ,to create anything. That you could imagine. Especially the thought of PEACE, something, from somewhere who knows .Where it is? Or how deep must one go to reach it? Can I change reality? To its simplest form. An live, to experience it. Peace. To be able to relish, in the feeling Of Peace. Wanting ,more, to return to it. like a drug passing though your veins ,you feel the place your looking for. Peace be it’s a simple phase to which a meaning so great, that the depths of your soul could be seen for the very first time, you could see life. You’ll be able to answer that old question. Is this it. Is there no more to know?

Peace it’s so fragile it looks as glass, or smoke in the  air. Moving like a flowing rivers. Yet, the beginning of the knowing of time has now found you ,and now we see time chasing you from behind.  Life and the end become oh so too clear. That the unknown will be forced upon you, and there’s nothing anyone can  do to turn it back, you have no doubts about it. You know it. Your sprite sense this. Fear and from its lose of controls and the wheel run deep into your core.  Faces passing in the night are strangers to me now. The veil of peace creep on to my bed and the sleep is beautiful . NO more what ,where and how . Freedom from the pressure of your lungs having to breath in or out. the rest you feel as you leave.  Peace descends upon you like a weight being lifted off your chest, then, what. we truly believe covers are fear and its just across the street. Truth ,without a veil, peace.

Will Is it like the bible of man says   Or was it just a book written to control man. Which is it? . Is it the reality of darkness, than the end ,nothing?  ,or could it be everything we hope and prayed ,will are faith bring us to are creator. Or maybe inside this space we have created to dream of life and live it. You know .They say some of us are very old, they say that they have been on both planes before.    Just let us blink, and the life of a star, can fade, away and then we’ll begin this all over again.  But iam with E=mcs. It would be amazing to move as light inside space, that you could feel for light years at your finger tips with your mines eye. Focused ,on the feeling of peace. So hunger is the feeling so deep so clear. But you begin to dream, surround yourself with everything..but what is there eles ,if one knows everything.

To be born again,to be born..But with this act you are banning  from freedom, your life,  ripped  away from your soul and place in a shell once more from the peace you came  but no memory ,without the knowing After a time this too comes back ,boring .this yearning comes back for Peace ,like before,  the cycle is  again complete. The end is near.  why is it at every funeral you hear the words (From ash to ash’s (from the star we have come) Dust to dust( from this world to the next we travel to rest and fine Peace. These Famous  killer like GREED,PRIDE,AMBITION  these three horse man ride over the plains ruling are world .kill are child, rape the land and call it profit, Yet they are clean, older souls that have claimed their way. They are too powerful, and they have many barriers that protect them ,they live in the mirror world, of peace. They can touch, they can feel the air around them, but the wheel is at their back ,moving them along the track. Millions billions whatever the figure there’s still at the wheels mercy , remember the wheel.  Staying ahead of the wheel and living is the trick not life. Like the man in the picture you remember  Sir Doran Grey never growing old . Never drop the frame ? Stay ahead of the wheel.   But when you look back an see the face of time.  Will  you fear the cloud from your heart .See all from the hearts mind. Once more back on to your life what do you see? A struggle, what’s else, have I done. , Have I done enough ,like  water it runs out of my mines heart ,like a river in view  ,Or have  you betrayed yourself and taken life and done nothing.   Forget it, your Human now, you can forget it . It’s a built in system to coop, with lose. Things we don’t want to remember . But now it’s our turn at the wheel and I wonder witch path shall I take, Or does it matter.


W r i t e n b y



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