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The black holes back

by lissbabe

The problem is when you think you overcome the depression it just comes back 2x harder. I keep thinking about different ways of how I could escape this life and end up dead. I’m stuck in this black hole again and I’ve sunk even deeper then before I don’t even see anyway of getting out and I’m even scaring myself with how I’m isolating myself , I’m normally the girl that will do anything for a dare and I do crazy stuff because I know how short life is.


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distant.road 11/10/2015 - 11:50 pm

Hi lissbabe. It’s been a few months. I’m sorry things are rough at the moment.

I understand the never-ending cycle of depression. It goes away for a bit and then makes an encore appearance. Then another. And another. When you overcame the depression, how did you do it? What worked for you? When it returned, were there similar signs to your previous round? I ask because sometimes it’s helpful to utilize the strategies that previously worked. Sometimes when things start to go downhill, it’s possible to intervene early on if the signs are there.

When I start to lose energy and get constantly tired, I know I’m headed down. As things progress, I start to get an upset stomach and sleep even less than usual. At that point, I try to slow the spiral. If I’m not successful, things go down quite deep.

I know things are rough at the moment. It seems that you’ve worked through your depression before. I’m sure you can work through it again. One day at a time. Don’t lose hope. People are here for you.

lissbabe 11/13/2015 - 1:15 am

Hi distant.road thank you for commenting and what worked for me before was that I kept thinking what my little girl would’ve wanted but I’ve tried thinking like that again and it don’t work, it’s like the harder I try and get happy I just get even more upset and down in myself.
The signs are the same I don’t sleep for more than two hours, I start thinking about family but most of all I get nightmares if I sleep.

Thank you for believing that things will get better for me, honestly thank you so much because reading your comment has made me smile.

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