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by Resentment

I didnt recieve any hope from these doctor visits, though I know have Cymbalta, so there’s that.

I’ve decided on a way to go. I know I’m not allowed to share. What I’m stuck on is the note, or if I need one. I’ll think on it on my way to work, or in the waiting room, and it eats at me like another inevitable arguement- but of course, this time there wouldnt be.
So why leave a note? They should know of what plagues me if they listened, and if they haven’t, fine. What of the other reparations.

Can I just have everything monetized, perhaps give half to a friend, and half to some gay charity? I’m not sure how to write a will. I’ll have to look that up.

I think “becoming a tree” idea rather than a casket sounds ideal, but whatever is inexpensive. I dont see the need to go all out for a funeral.

Other than throwing some things out in my room, and returning a dvd I borrowed, I think that’s it.

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NeverFitting 3/8/2016 - 6:55 pm

The note is completely your choice everything is your choice. I always carry a note in my wallet in case of impulse. I know I shouldn’t do that, but ‘what if?’.

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