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Ylem Can Be A ***** Sometimes

by Ylem

I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I would do anything to get your forgiveness.

Well… I’ve tried everything.

We all make mistakes. Just one stupid comment and you shut me out.

I’m really sorry. So very sorry.

I won’t bother you anymore. But know… I valued your friendship. I ruined it. I ruined everything. I’m such a fuck up.

I’m sorry. I’m so very sorry.


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darkwillow 4/10/2016 - 1:06 am

I’m so sorry Ylem.. That’s happened to me a lot.. With friends who meant the world to me. And i say something small and it triggers them somehow.. And they vanish..

We’re all still here Ylem.. Don’t let one person get you down so much please..

Ylem31 4/10/2016 - 1:21 am

I really care about him Darkwillow 🙁
I feel so bad. I feel really bad.

Plz forgive me. Pleeeaaaaseeee…

darkwillow 4/10/2016 - 1:28 am

is it.. “him him”? Secrets *sigh.
Is he a good friend? What did he say, that he wasn’t going to talk to you anymore? Any more details?

Ylem31 4/10/2016 - 4:05 am

A friend… A good friend who was helping me deal with my shit. I said something nusty and he said I should never talk to him again. I was fooling around and took things too far.
I feel so so bad. :(:(

darkwillow 4/10/2016 - 6:38 am

i think he probably just needs time

darkwillow 4/10/2016 - 6:38 am

i think he probably just needs time

mindlessgamer619 4/10/2016 - 4:27 am

Oh no, twin. 🙁 I’m so sorry. Email me? I’ve been worried about you.. I randomly woke up, so I’m up atm.. it’s 4:27 am. Please email me…

darkwillow 4/10/2016 - 6:37 am

I think they probably just need time.

darkwillow 4/10/2016 - 6:38 am

i think he probably just needs time

darkwillow 4/10/2016 - 6:38 am

omgsh i don’t even know how that happened im sorry.

Ylem31 4/10/2016 - 7:04 am

You had to say it that much for it to stick. Was like nah when I first read it.
Maybe he does. But I doubt he’ll ever forgive me.
I’m still so very sorry though. I’m sorry. I will do anything for him to forgive me. Anything :(:(

darkwillow 4/10/2016 - 7:08 pm

if you 2 were really that close, he will. He wont let a short comment destroy your friendship

Hazy Day Sunflower 4/10/2016 - 9:37 am

As darkwillow said four times “give him time”. That is all you can do. When I’m really depressed or anxious things get so black and white for me. I take what folks say so literally or am convinced nothing is going to change or if someone tells me off that it’s over, they will never speak to me again nor do they consider me worthy of their friendship. But the truth is that most folks don’t think like I do, they are more fluid and grey in their beliefs.

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