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Because Monday’s Are Usually Shit, Too

by haileewantstobehappy

Hi. So, I’m just posting not because I have anything important to say, I never really do, but just because I wanted to post, and for me, as well as like every other day of the weak and of my life, Monday’s are shit, too. You happy, sane people don’t relate to me on this and couldn’t care less what I have to say, and I don’t know why I’m here sometimes I just, like writing. So today sucked. Spoiler alert, it was another shitty day, none of my days seem to be any better than the rest, usually only worse. But some days I feel not so alone, today is not one of those days. Just something about it, everyone seems a lot happier than I was today, and I’m probably a piece of shit for this, but when I’m being my little depressive, mental self, seeing or hearing happy people will make me jealous. Sometimes upset. And I know that sounds hateful and I in no way hate happiness or hate when others are happy, but sometimes seeing others with something I don’t have but crave makes me sad and feel more depressed, so props to the depressive 15 year old girl that says useless shit everyday because I’m an idiot. I may just delete this but I just needed the quick minute to be annoyed and depressed and say how I’m feeling because I’m a cancer (zodiac) and I wish I could say fuck feelings, but feelings are just a part of me, sadly. But yeah I kinda just wanna listen to indie music and kill myself right now bu t whatever, I hope you have a lovely day or night or whatever it is for you. Stay beautiful, love from Hailee.



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darkwillow 5/23/2016 - 11:08 pm

Stay lovely Hailee. You’re way cool 🙂 And i know Monday’s suck, I haven’t been very good today at all.
Tomorrow shall come though. And Tomorrow, for it not being a Monday, shall be better 🙂

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