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just wanna fade away.

My life and mindset changed irrevocably 29 months ago. i don’t really remember how!

i don’t write diary so idk, and don’t really remember anything before these two and half years.

i just remember that i was okay, maybe “happy”, just another one. anyways.

jan 2014, i decided that i can’t enter my high school finals exams cause i was afraid of not doing good and can’t go to the college that i always wanted. somehow my i drifted apart from my best “friends” and locked myself in my room for the rest of the year, about 6 months in my room alone.

my parents work all the time, so i cant blame them. and i know i dealt with is wrong.

but i doesn’t matter now. it was the worst period of time ever. i wasn’t used to that loneliness and i was cryng all the time and i was just pathetic!

September 2014 i started my repeated year again, alone, and it was okay for the first semester, after the break between the semesters i couldn’t deal with people after 6 months alone, i couldn’t just deal with them. i hate myself.

i knew that something is wrong, i don’t enjoy anything anymore!

is it fair to blame my old friends, to say that they let me down when i needed them? or it is just my fault?

anyway, i didn’t study anything the whole second semester and couldn’t go to the college that i wanted!

September 2015, i started college!

it is almost a year now at college and I’ve never talked to anyone there, i didn’t make any friends.

i think i’m worthless, i don’t know what do i want? love? happiness? meaningful life? Death?

i think about death all the time! i tried couple of times to commit suicide, and i will try again next 13th of the month

i think it’s so peaceful and merciful, not exist anymore!

and end all that pain! i just fucked up, and i really wanna finish it!

i hate God so mush, if he’s real, i hate myself

im sorry.


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Randall 5/7/2016 - 4:31 pm

Shit. Something entered your mind, grabbed you by the balls and is pulling you down. What is it? Maybe find help somewhere. I always try to do everything on my own and think I can fix whatever it is, but we all need help. “I get by with a little help from my friends” – Beatles

birds-will-sing-if-we-fall 5/8/2016 - 1:27 pm

idk it’s not about about help anymore, it’s about life! i mean help with what? i already lost my passion and will to live!
i hate myself, like i’d kill myself 10 thousands times to feel okay!

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