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What can I do

by ktm

I’m failing highschool. I know that doesn’t seem like a huge deal but I’m supposed to be ‘the smart one’ in my family. I hate to say it, but most of my family are the typical ignorant, closed-minded people who just follow the crowd instead of researching a topic to make an informed decision. I will be the first person in generations to have completed high school. The pressure is immense. Everyday it’s in the back of my mind. “I wonder how many sleeping pills i have to take? Would gulping an entire bottle of vodka in one go do the trick?” All I hear from my mum is that if I don’t get a good mark in year 12 that my life will be ruined. She doesn’t care what I want. She doesn’t care that it feels impossible for me to concentrate on school when there is death and bloodshed all around us. People are killing eachother. People are destroying the planet. I love science, but how can I study quantum mechanics when humanity can’t even feed everyone?

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Dawg 5/23/2016 - 10:22 am

Yup, people are killing each other – it’s been happening before you or I where born – humans have been raping the planet for hundreds or even thousands of years … but what you’re seeing in your life time is but a trickle of what was before you were born. Murder rates are WAY down from what they were 20 years ago which are down from what they were 40 years ago.

Yes, the world/planet is being wrecked … but the pace of that wreckage is slowing … and what I’d say to you is – you’re the HOPE to keep that trend going!Focus on your science and quantum mechanics … if you, and people like you, surrender … we, as a species, stop the trend of finding a better way to survive and save the planet.

I know you only see bad stuff on TV and in the news and on the web – bad stuff sells newspapers, grows ratings and drives click traffic – the worse, the better for “business” – yeah, it’s twisted. But curious inquisitive minds like yours are our salvation. Focus on YOU and what you can do … you can’t anything for things you have no influence over.

One way or the other – the world will take care of itself – you just need to take care of you!

Perspective is Key – no one climbs a mountain with ONE step – it takes thousands of steps, maybe millions – each step is one closer to the top – nothing changes if we stop climbing.

deflocculate dawg

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