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by ContradictingChaos

So, I have self confidence and self esteem issues and I’ve recently been looking for a job. This would be my first professionally employed thing and I can’t seem to gain the confidence to apply anywhere. I’ve managed to ask for applications and fill them out decently with only a few mild anxiety attacks but can never turn them in. A lot of this is centered around a fear of rejection mostly, but I also have problems talking positively about myself or “selling myself” like I would have to in an interview or on applications. I either fill things out as honestly as I feel (Which definitely wouldn’t convince anyone to hire me) or I fill it out like everyone else does “selling themselves” and make it extremely sarcastic without intending to.



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SadPotato 7/12/2016 - 5:09 am

It’s part and parcel of job hunting that you’ll be rejected. Many people apply for dozens of jobs, and are rejected by all of them until they are hired. Don’t even think about the rejection, just send in your applications. Remember, there’s most likely other people that are also applying for the job, and only one person won’t be rejected. So it isn’t such a big deal. With the application filling out thing, maybe visit some websites that give templates and advice on how to do it, and just copy that with your details. Also, it’s anyway always the best policy to be as honest as possible on those applications.

shatterediris 7/12/2016 - 11:10 am

Yeah just don’t lie too much on an application, like lying about hobbies and interests and stuffs like that (if they are included on the application) is okay, they have no way to prove those false. Don’t lie about things like your grades, or anything like that…. Don’t claim to have training or any form of education that you don’t actually have, those are things they can look into (and probably will if they interview you) and lying about those looks bad…. And Potato is right about the rejection thing, you will get rejected often, however the good thing is most of those rejections won’t really be rejections they will just feel like being ignored…. The only rejections I have problems dealing with are those that occur after an interview…. And I get one of those “We found somebody better” calls -_-
Good luck with your search ^_^

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