Placebo, memories, and a empty house.

  July 21st, 2016 by stillwishingforparis

I decided to look up bands I’m currently listening to tour dates. Placebo is on a 20 year anniversary tour, not promoting a new album but a world tour celebrating its fans so they have hinted to even playing songs that have been retired from their set list for 10 years like Nacncy Boy and Pure Morning. Due to my mothers taste in music and pushing her interest onto me which is the few positives I can look back to and proudly appreciate, I’ve been a fan since the days of owning ‘Without You I’m Nothinh’ on cassette.

After touring Europe they will make their way and announce dates hopefully in the US, and in or near Texas. If I’m around I want to see this, I will buy two tickets but I hate that my first choice who would have appreciated this is my friend who passed from the OD back in Jan. The music brings back such fond memories of days back in Numbers, the more chic and fashionable side of any goth subcultures in particular Cyberpunk.

What happened to Industrial music and it’s scene, I miss the days of spending hours balancing a drunk and getting ready with extreme precision to every detail. Dancing into all hours because the roll keeps on insisting that this grimy scene is wildly fun. To flock back home early morning with a bunch of friends, dressing in our kigurumis and PJs indulging, drinking, making plans and ranting about anything and everything. Until the liquor store opened the next morning where we shower, maybe nap so we could repeat it all again until we had to return back to the functioning society.

Bands like Placebo was my first taste of what would become my life and for that I’m happy to see them around still out there 20 years later, I hope get to see them. I’m a bit empty that I realize that all the friends I know would be just as excited are either gone, in prison, or luckily enough to leave it all behind that they don’t put up with this kind of things anymore. Anyone here like Placebo or ever have music that makes you realize how much time changes and leaves certain scenes in the dust?

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