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by catsnap24

i feel like no one at school would care or notice if i killed myself. i think the people that used to know me would only thing “she finally got what she wanted, I’m glad i got out when i did”. some would make fun of me. but no one would be upset or miss me. i am hated by few and noticed by even less. some say I’m not trying hard enough. but right now. i would rather kill my self. no one would cry, but isn’t that just what we want?


i haven’t cut in a long time but i don’t think i can not do it for one more second.

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anhedonic apathy 8/2/2016 - 11:14 pm

People at school, people at work. The people in the supermarket, the people at the mall, all the people in all the other cars on the freeway. Almost all these people are completely irrelevant and meaningless to your life. There are 7 billion people, 200,000 of which die every day. how many of them will you ever meet, ever interact with, how many will actually ever have any effect on your life.

Who cares what those people think or how they would react. When you finish school, unless you live in a small town you will probably never see most of them again anyway. You graduate you move on and most of those people barely even register as memories.

Focus on the people that matter, the ones you care about and that care about you. The ones that are actually part of your life. It is what they think and how they would react that matters.

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