Day 2

  September 10th, 2016 by Nico The Robot

Hey guys, it’s Nico again.

Heheh it’s nice to see people being nice to me here, most people I’ve met on the internet are jerks haha. Oh, and thanks to the people who said happy birthday hehe~ As you all said I’ll try to keep my upbeatness.

As of right now life’s been kinda alright. Mm, well yesterday wasn’t so much. Mainly because of school stuff. Especially health and safety.. We had to do a group project this week where we had to make a skit about saying no to someone telling you to do drugs, drink, or cut class.. I got placed with a group that hated me, of course, and I was forced to do most of the work again.. I spent all night writing the script and stuff and we were supposed to film it in class yesterday and as soon as the class went outside to find places to film it they just ran off and so we didn’t get to do anything. God I hate high school…

Really the only reason why I stay in school is because I’m in the culinary program there and my friends are there.. Along with the love of my life~ Hehe she always manages to make me feel happier just when I see her~ She’s the reason why I didn’t kill myself in 8th grade.. And I still can’t believe she’s with just an average, maybe below average, person like myself.. Oh I should probably change the topic since you guys probably wouldn’t want to read paragraphs about how I love my girlfriend so much hahah..

I guess I could talk about how the culinary program keeps me calm. Heheh so I actually want to be a chef when I grow up.. Mm well that or studying Molecular Gastronomy when I go to college. It’s food science if big words scare you. Making weird food concoctions that look like stuff you’d see people eat in Scifi movies.. man that stuff just gets me so excited. Heheh I always played with these Japanese candy kits when I was younger and that probably stemmed my interest in that.. Put this straw in this liquid and pour this powder over it and it instantly turned into this weird fruit rollup like gummy..ย Man that was so cool! ;-;

Erm so again I’m rambling. Sigh, I always do this. Anyways, I’m still really pissed about yesterday. Especially since my Mom said that if she sees my grades failing like it was in middle school she’s gonna take me out of school and do homeschooling for me.

Uhm so I’ll probably talk more into that tomorrow or the next time I don’t feel too lazy to write.

Logging off for now, Nico.


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