Day 3

  September 11th, 2016 by Nico The Robot

Yo, Nico again.

I’m pretty excited about today because I’m gonna go out with my friends and stuff later. Well that’s if I manage to keep my parents happy today and not get them mad like always.. They’re really hot headed and stubborn so even the slightest thing can make them explode.. They scare me a lot..

Heheh but anyways we’re gonna be going to the mall and stuff to hang out.They want to go to the halloween store but honestly I’m a huge ***** so I don’t know if I’m gonna go with them. ;-; Mm but they took out one of my favorite places there.. It was a bubble tea place and I just absolutely love that stuff. Eh I could probably make my own but it probably won’t be the same..

Smh I’m not too excited about going to school tomorrow since we’re going to be having a math test and my teacher in math sucks at teaching. I mean, at the start of the period he goes over the hw and practically writes everything on the board for everyone who didn’t do it to write it down and yet he never marks anyone’s paper as 100%. Just, what the fuck?

Ugh and not to mention how everyone there hates me. Only like one or two people are kinda friends with me there. The other people I talk to there are just two faced preps. Fun.

Oh right, I mentioned I was gonna talk more into about the homeschool thing yesterday.

Mm well, in middle school I had a hard time with school and stuff because that was when my depression was at it’s worst.. my grades were terrible and there was a lot of drama between my friend group. They often put me into it and that was pressuring.. And when I got home my parents didn’t help but made it worse.. My parents still make my life terrible but not as bad as before I guess.

Honestly I would’ve ran away by now but I still stay here because of my brother. He has autism and I’m one of the only people he’s really comfortable with. I care about him a lot. Oh, my mom’s back..guess I’ll write later.

Hope you guys have a nice weekend, Nico.


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