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Do anti depressants work?

by Jon1700

what are some of your guys’ experience with anti depressants. getting to that low point again the days are so hard to get through. it feels like being around people is making me depressed because Im around so many people but also so alone at the same time. I don’t understand why its so hard for me to talk to the people I want to talk to.


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Mf 9/19/2016 - 6:02 pm

They work for some people, but not for all (including me). There’s also the fact that it takes time to find the right one for you (if there is a right one for you) and even when you find it… it’s just an aid, it won’t work on it’s own, so some sort of therapy would be needed too for it to help in the long run. Imho it’s worth trying, one of my family members goes through something pretty similar to what you describe and meds + therapy have helped quite a lot.

tragedyofjohn 9/19/2016 - 7:45 pm

It didn’t work for me. I’m on antidepressants and shock therapy and both didn’t work for me. I’ve been on different kinds of drugs for the past 8 years and all of them didn’t work. Drugs or shock therapy can’t really solve the problems I’m going through. Only a miracle.
But it might work for you if you give it a shot

SwishAL 9/19/2016 - 8:03 pm

I don’t have much more to add to what tragedyofjohn and Mf said. It works for some people and doesn’t for others. I would say a majority of people on here probably didnt find the help they needed through medication, which may be part of the reason why we’re on here. I won’t find out whether or not it works for me because I don’t want anyone to know I feel the way I do.

Jon1700 9/19/2016 - 8:16 pm

yea that’s the same with me as well I dont tell people how I feel, I just say everything is alright. Its so hard to even talk to my parents anymore about anything like who the fuck am i suppose to talk to

akg1229 9/19/2016 - 8:16 pm

I’ve had two work for me. Zoloft, which stopped 2 years in and Wellbutrin that I just started but is already losing its efficacy at the highest dose and that’s with a second antidepressant to boost it.

Cordless 9/19/2016 - 8:23 pm

I have tried Zoloft, Prozac, Trazadone, Wellbutrin, Cymbalta, and Amitryptaline.
None have worked, and some had side effects that were awful.

Jon1700 9/19/2016 - 8:59 pm

thanks for the responses guys, guess I will give anti depressants a try in the upcoming weeks. I will report my results in a couple months

nuclearbackpack 9/19/2016 - 9:05 pm

Yes they worked for me for many years, there’s no doubt that they can be life savers for some.

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