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13 reasons why

by alina_01

I watched the show and if you aren’t familiar with it, it is about a girl who commits suicide and her story of why. I have had dozens and dozens of reasons over my life time and I’ve attempted suicide in the most ineffective ways. I’m glad I didn’t die I’m glad that I no longer cut but the truth is the pain, and life,  it still sucks I just no longer react to it with wanting to hurt myself or ending my life. I figure I suffer enough as it is I should at the very least be kind to myself. I talk to myself about it I try and figure out ways to cope and it’s worked. Maybe I’ve gotten good at shutting out the bad? But my pain remains and my sadness still lingers the only change is how I respond to it.

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freeroma 4/15/2017 - 6:25 pm

I think the way you respond is good, though. The more negative coping methods tend to make an issue worse, and being able to talk yourself down is a great thing.

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