May 27th, 2017by doePrince

Sometimes its just frustrating to keep on with the uphill battle is all. Been in highs and lows and while the lows are particularly bad they arent like how they used to be.

Regardless, its still really fucking frustrating when ya actually try to do what you’re supposed to and it doesn’t seem to be doing any good. Keeping up with the doctors, actually giving a shit bout my general health. Even trying to manage or eliminate stress factors in my life but im still battling these hallucinations and voices.

Sometimes something does get to me but its really easy to squash those worries if I ACTUALLY talk to my circle of peeps. Which im really grateful for but sometimes its really out of the blue or no reason at how do you even begin to address something when your brain is just giving you shit on the fly?! For seemingly no reason..I wish we farther along in the understanding and treatment of mental health and neurology.

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