Writing to Sandman’s Youtube Channel

June 13th, 2017by BlueDiamond

I doubt I sent the letter to him correctly, or that he will respond. Here’s my personal letter, hope it doesn’t bite me in the ass:

Dear Sandman,
As a female, I enjoy your videos. They really get my juices flowing when comes to understanding human nature. By human nature, I mean that your videos helps me to see both sides of the opposite sex. My only and biggest criticism, however is that sometimes when you explain a behavior you make it sound like only women do it. For example in your youtube video “Dating Fat Girls”, you and the writer stated that once women find someone better they leave you, however I have witness men leave women for someone better. I do understand that you are appealing to a male audience, but it just seems hypocritical to me.

My criticism is not the real reason that I am writing to you. I want to understand overprotective moms. Deep down I resent my mom for babying me all these years, and I know she will be angry at me for even criticizing her overprotective nature. She wants me to believe that she does this because she loves me, however I never felt like her behavior was real love. I feel like I am her pet or precious commodity. I strongly believe that her sheltering me is one of the contributes to my major depression and low self-esteem. I even had a few people ask me why my parents were so overprotective of me, and when I told my mom, she would tell me that it is because I have issues.

My mom never expected anything out of me, but on the other hand, she used to whip my older brother over his grades. She would push him into taking honors courses when he was in high school, while I had the option of just getting a standard diploma. My brother could do well in school, but he chose not to because he didn’t like school. My mom threatening and beating him over it didn’t help. Yes, I know that my brother hated that I got the slip from my beatings when I came home with a C on my report card. There were a few times, I did get beatings over my grades, but received them only so my brother would be happy over the unfair treatment. I did not enjoy witnessing him get beat over on his grades and know that it wasn’t easy for him. My brother hated that I got special treatment, but I can’t help but to feel envy over his situation because he had the talent, and my mom wanted to bring that out of him. I felt like a lost cause, like I wasn’t worth it.

Now because my brother was a boy, he was given more freedoms such as wondering through the local shops or going to social events, while I was forced to stay with her. I remember crying when my brother was allowed to go to Pokemon card convention and I couldn’t. I had to stay at my mom’s side at all times. One time, my brother told my mom how she never lets me do anything, and she argued back at him saying I didn’t know what to do when an old man was harassing me.

As we got older, my brother was able to break from my mom’s control by standing up for himself. It took a bit longer for me because I wanted to be the good girl that she wanted, but later wised up to it. My dad isn’t the greatest, but without him. I wouldn’t be doing things such as driving a vehicle, maybe not working a real job, and even watch mature television shows. I know that I’m painting my mom as a villain, but without her, my dad would just have me and my brother slave away doing yardwork from sun up to sun down, and we wouldn’t get anything for our Christmas and birthdays. In other words, we wouldn’t be able to be kids. It’s just that I feel like if my mom truly cared for me, despite my disability, she would be finding resources to help me be a productive adult, instead she discourages me whenever I try to do something with my life. She wants me to live off on social security. It’s hard to go out and do things, only to be greeted with grief. It’s like a battle and it wears me out. My brother is doing well for himself, but my mom never really discouraged him. Now and days, I sit in the house feeling sorry for myself.


P.S. I know that I jab men a lot, but I have my problems with women.

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