Almost Done

  August 25th, 2017 by Almond801

I’ve been writing my goodbyes for a long time. They’ve never been quite right. They start out with gratitude and subtle apology but I get lost after that. I don’t feel grateful or sorrowful. I don’t feel much beyond the negative spectrums anymore. I’ll get brief bursts, like sun bursts through the clouds, but they are gone often while still happening. I have lived for myself but it was empty. I have lived for others and repeatedly failed in it. I have lived in transition while searching for solutions and believing that there must be another way.

Day after day it gets harder to breathe. I have been living by rote for more than 20 years and I don’t remember before that. I can’t recall not being this drain on energy. I have been so blessed whether by design or chance. I have so much that others do not. It doesn’t make any difference either way. I have had some security and I have lived on the good will and sufferance of others. I have many who love me.

Coming from a religious upbringing, I have sought the divine or other from my upbringing and other places. It is just some quirks, I realize, that hold me here. A few chemicals balanced just so, some different synaptic wiring than those of more sun-drenched lives. I have tried chemicals to fix it. I resisted for years but I finally gave in and tried and tried.

Years ago, I tried to die and failed. I was young and did not know what to do as well as I believed. So, of course, I went into a medical field. I learned to help people by learning what hurts them and why. I’ve not suffered from a lack of method for a very long time. I had hope, then. I had hoped that I might discover a way to join those in the sun. I wanted to look back into the dark and have survived it. I don’t really know why I felt that way anymore. I can’t imagine wanting to continue this cycle but have it grow worse with age as I lose myself physically, and likely mentally, and die.

I think I’m almost done. Good-byes have been coming more frequently lately more easily. They are not even close to perfect, not even close. I am starting to believe I will never get there but I may just keep writing them. I can’t envision myself living in the future at all. I used to have at least another step planned. I can’t see another step to take. I am just completing the motion of the previous step. Either I will trip and fall- looking pretty likely- or I will reach the landing. The lights are out and I can’t see any more.

Since no one could ever see them otherwise, I will post a few of my more recent outpourings. I don’t care if anyone reads them. I didn’t edit them. I didn’t try to make them perfect. I, mostly, didn’t even use punctuation. They are as they came out.

Where have the clocks gone?

Where have the clocks gone?

Before, there were clocks.

Clock repair men and cuckoo birds

Gongs and dings, commemorative watches

Anniversary clocks

Keys to wind up time

Whenever it ran out

Ever present marks of the hour

From clock towers and grandfather clocks

Each of the time pieces ticking

We held them in our hand

Or checked them on the wall

Or enshrined them on mantles

They provided a beat to life

And when time pressed close

There was the tick tick tick

Now there are no ticks

But those I exhibit

Time presses just as close

But there are not words to

Convey it

We no longer have our time pieces

To tick for us

To wind down and so remind us

That time is short

And self is fleeting

And life is winding down

And so inure us

For a time


Empty Places

‘May god stand between you and harm in all the empty places where you must walk’

Thank you for your time and care

Though thank you does not start to share

The multitude of blessings I have known

Because, with you, my life has grown

It was in the empty places I fell astray

No god to guard or hand to stay

Me. I could not find the words to heal

The wrong inside me that you couldn’t feel

And how it festered, I pray you’ll never know

In those empty places we all have known.

The sickness crushed the will to live

The joy of friendship and self-forgive-

Ness. You couldn’t help me though you tried

When all was grey or when I cried

There was no way just platitudes

No, it was not just a poor attitude.

I lived on and on despite the pain

But worse and worse with growing shame

And the dark became all I could feel

Just distractions and torture wheels

In despair, it was that I chose this way

But waited years until today.

I gave it time and much debate

I tried new things for all our sakes

I tried and cried. I lived

And I died.

As we all will eventually.



Even when you listen

I see it in your eyes

Your thoughts are quite distant

My words are no surprise


Even when I try to tell you

The words are stuck inside

walled by expected recriminations

And my self-flagellated hide


Well, time is getting shorter

I’ve turned the hourglass

The sands are loud and stinging

As they open my chosen path


My heart is dull and heavy

My hopes are neatly mown

My house is precisely ordered

The garden duly sown


The open door stands ready

I’ve laid out a guesting table

I’ve dug the deepest hole I can

Noosed and hung the cable


Farewell all, good night my dears

Soon sweetly may we rest

How e’re long or short our choices led

To have met you, I was blessed.


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