The War

  September 25th, 2017 by breaking_the_cycle

On the edge of the battlefield

My mind falters

The asperity of self hatred

Bearing down on me

You knew this day would come

A time to pay for what you’ve done

Hopes crushed, dreams lost

In the stain on my hands

My cold pale heart

Buried next to you

The walls of this prison

Built with pain and sorrow

The fantasy revoked

Like my lease on life

It’s time to return

To where I belong

To the darkness that consumes

The emptiness that beckons

The pain that eases

My attempts at life

A joke in their own right

So douse this flame

With the strands of infinity

Hang me out to dry

Soaking in regret

The taste of failure

Fresh on my lips

A web of confusion

Clouding my thoughts

Nothingness closes in

This is a war

I will not win

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