Give me a chance

  October 16th, 2017 by uniiicorn

I know a lot of people may choose to ignore this, if so, i hope you skip breakfast the next day (kidding). However, im hoping that there is one person, just one, who hears me out. Im not asking for a reply, though feel free to do so if you wish. I think i’ve blabbered enough, so let me get to the point:

Im losing my mind.

Every depression help center i go to, or any article i see, i see in bold:


I wish i could believe the nice people down at ‘the guardian’, but frankly i don’t see it getting any better, nor do i see anyone trying to help me. So, i’m going to do what not many people do, i’m going to ask. I just need one person, to reply, or leave a kind message. I honestly want a friend, but i know by now that its too much to ask for, so im just gonna ask for this one small thing. It could be a friendly “hi”, or a quote or a book reccomendation, or something—ANYTHING— that can help me. I’m not gonna beg, but i need this, desperately. So, please, don’t ignore me, god knows too many people do that already. And i know i said in the first paragraph that i didn’t want a reply, well, i dont—not really. I just want an acknowledgement, so maybe if someone does read this, a simple “Read” would help. I don’t know, i’m just looking to be heard.


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