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Lately, with my mind and experience expanding, I learn to accept more burden and horrors as a road obstacles.
It is as if I’m riding my car through a bumpy road. Sometimes in encountering a fallen tree, or just small pockets.

I learnt to survive by my own, and followed the importance of knowledge. Right now I’m following my plan to use academic education as a “way out ticket”.

I will try to concur the highest summits man has ever seen, only to let myself the relief to live quietly and alone , perhaps allowing me to build a normal family (unlike my ancestors).

I know the road, or life in general, can be hard. I know how is it when people around you don’t support or listen to you. I can understand how sometimes complexity take over your mind. I wish I had died years ago, but it didn’t happen. And now, I shall make an example for others to learn from. I will show who ever wants to save himself, how you can stand up through the waves.

I’m just a human being, everything can occur through my life time here, and I don’t have the typical life style of a person my age.
I’m clueless how I will end up as a fully grown man. I’m caring and worried about my family, especially brother and mother.
I see people who seek help and I can’t help them or myself.

It is such a burden, isn’t it?
I try to set here in-front of you (readers) all the questions of the unknown. All I said is true about me.
None promise me wealth, good, or success. I already took losses, and avalanches that I feel like I can’t stand no more.
Some people use faith in God, and for others is faith in logic and fairness.
I know none of them. I go by the power of my strength and the knowledge of simple statistics – “The more I try, the more chances for me to succeed”.

A friend here taught me a lesson: I can do nothing about my history, but I can increase the good experiences in the past, by enjoying the present.

Remember this when you are down, it’s simple as the simplicity of believing in a God.

Any way, this is how I’m standing through the waves.

stay strong, be brave, yours Jac.


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CARLOSPEJUAN 10/7/2017 - 12:26 pm

Wow I love this. You rock man! Stay strong.

Urm8451n 10/7/2017 - 5:57 pm

Haha thank you, am trying.

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