November 19th, 2017 by Gnarledpoet

I’ve been in deep depression for 4 years now and I’ve attempted suicide 3 times. The first time i jumped from a bridge overlooking a ridge of water and rocks, it was about 100 feet i think. I ended up with bruised ribs, a twisted ankle and back pain for several months. The second time i overdosed on ecstasy, but one of my few remaining friends found me and got me help before i could die. The last time i tried a couple months ago with a 357 magnum, turned out it was old and the firing pin on it had been broken a while back and i ended up pulling the trigger with nothing happening and just started to cry for several hours before my best friend came home and talked with me for a while. But from all this i learned that it only takes a little to kill some but takes a lot to kill others, and having found that 100 feet is not enough even with rocks underneath, i have gained access to a rather large several story building with nothing but solid pavement at the base floor. I’ve heard of a small percentage of people surviving jumps like that but i sincerely doubt i will be one of them so I’m going to try again in the next week or two but maybe someone will come along and change my mind or maybe ill just be a coward in the end and not jump. But if not then my 4th attempt should be enough to finally end it.

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