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Where The Fuck Did Monday Go?

by Dehahs

there is nothing worst than failing that one motherfuckin THING that you think you good at and it’s killing yourself. nothing worst than failed suicide attempts and facing up to very THING that you were running from and let it eat you up over and over and die over and over live to see how worst things can get and you fall into void that opens up to thousand other voids…there is color beyond black…when you fail there is no turning back…you gonna live this nightmare…nightmare call life.that you even didn’t fuckin want it.I regret why I didn’t kill myself.?


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Imjustfine006 1/29/2018 - 8:24 pm

you didn’t kill yourself because you are meant to live someway some how there is a will to live and you just have to get to the good part of life to know that but I wish I could listen to myself on that hopefully you can

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