Doing Okay

  April 22nd, 2018 by Minxtou

I was in Japan for 3 months and I made so many friends, and spent so much time with them everyday, laughing and working, telling stories and doing stuff. It was so wonderful!

I still struggled with some of my mood and personality problems when I was there, but all of it was manageable, really. This happened to me one other time in my life. It seems like if I can just have a lot of friends and see them basically every day, then I am able to just be normal.

Now that I’m home, I don’t really have any froends, except one I never see. So I need to put in some effort and make lots of friends so that I can just be a normal person, to just live a normal life. Because what if, for me, it really is just that easy? I have to try.

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